Subsidy-free Renewables & Offshore Wind

4 - 5 November 2020 | VIRTUAL

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The fourth edition of our signature Subsidy-free Renewables event is welcoming the universe of offshore wind.


Welcome to inspiratia’s Subsidy-free Renewables & Offshore Wind 2020 conference

The fourth edition of our signature Subsidy-free Renewables event will welcome the universe of Offshore Wind this year. With this merger, we will not only offer a timely and much-needed update on mature subsidy-free renewable energy technologies and markets but also we will embrace offshore wind – a technology which is rapidly approaching the virtually subsidy-free era as bids in auction schemes are reaching record lows and even zero-bid prices globally.
Leading PPA markets such as the Nordics have forged a path to further deployment across Europe, and subsidy-free or low-subsidy structures backed by private PPAs with corporates, utilities and traders were becoming the norm. Equity and debt were getting increasingly accustomed to both the threats and opportunities associated with merchant risk, and reliable offtakers were showing increased risk appetite. Over the past months, however, the industry embarked on a new challenge, that of navigating a global pandemic seriously shaking merchant electricity prices and margins.
How is the market navigating the Covid-19 disruption? How are the margins evolving for developers, offtakers and financiers? Market research indicates that the show is going on for the right projects, but what are the new details that make the difference? Are mammoth offshore wind projects with government floor prices equally affected? And for how long can offshore wind maintain this level of competition in auctions?
Join inspiratia to get the latest updates and reflect on recent developments, as seasoned PPA experts, and subsidy-free development and financing specialists exchange experiences and lessons learned.

Who should attend?

• Developers and IPPs
• Infrastructure funds and strategic investors
• Project finance banks and institutional lenders
• Utilities, energy traders and PPA aggregators
• Corporate and industrial offtakers
• Grid operators, contractors and technology providers
• Legal, financial and technical advisers


• Subsidy-free and merchant appetite
• Covid-19 aftermath and outlook
• PPA offtake appetite
• Offshore wind: UK, Europe and international markets
• Hydrogen & Offshore wind synergies
• Bankability and investment appetite


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